Thursday, July 10, 2008

Priceless MasterCard Moments

It seems I have made quite a few wonderful discoveries lately, a little about myself, but mostly in the neigborhood and nearby. And it's just icing on the cake because as I already said before, I love where we live, it just seems to keep getting better.
I discovered this little creamery / coffehouse by just going a different route to an ol' familiar place. It's about 15 minutes away but worth the trip just to find myself in a cute little nearby town, sort of like a extra mini staycay (not a vaca). They only have ice cream and coffee but a visit back with my girlfriend and the kids started out the day last weekend just perfectly.
We've also been regulars at this new Thai place downtown. They appear to be doing well which makes us happy because we want them to stick around. We fell in love with a new dish this past weekend, the Pineapple Fried Rice, and for anyone who has never had a Thai fried rice, let me say I will never be ordering Chinese takeout again. They throw just a tad of curry in, yet it's sweet and aromatic and to die for. It's a complete meal with the chicken and shrimp thrown in. I think it's even turning my husband into a foodie. Tristan loves the white rice and they'll even do a mild chicken for him.

This place, Sabor Y Mexico, has been a favorite of ours. It's authentic Mexican food always makes us happy. Tristan loves it and often requests to go. Terry & I rarely eat the rice and beans to cut down on the cals and enjoy the tostadas and pork roast tacos even more. They know us well here after visiting at least weekly for the past couple of years.

Oh, and the new nearby seafood market I mentioned before? Well, it seems it's going to have to become a weekly stop. Terry and I both love the shrimp roll but this past weekend I tried the lobster roll and it was culinary ecstasy. Generous amounts of lobster freshly tossed with just a little seasoning in a mayo dressing, on a toasted New England style hot dog bun. Next visit, I will be trying the yellow fin tuna in a tortilla wrap lightly grilled. I already know it's delicious because my foodie friend Tammy told me so.

So, what's a girl to do with all these fantastic eateries all around, and a husband who is loving them as much as me? Work out more. I still cook each week but we have been loving our excursions and our increased quality time together as of late. I just need to balance it out with some hard workouts and then some fun time in the tub.
I have also been re-discovering spaces in the house, spaces I have looked at so many times but then just decide need a small enhancement, something to make it a little more like an oasis. Anything to make another little mini staycay, right?! So, I took 2 bookends from another room, placed them by our tub and then just created a little special space from there with candles and tiny books. Click for a larger view. That certificate on the left? That's a coupon for a Bath Anytime One of Us Asks. We write the date we took our last one to ensure too much time doesn't go by before the next one. I smile whenever I see it. And, as a bonus, this space deters me from throwing my dirty clothes where I always used to!!!!

Life is short so I am really making an effort to make the most of every little silly enjoyable thing. So far, I think am doing pretty good!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours looks truly delicious. I might have to try some of recipes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Your blog is making me hungry!

Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

I love your tub idea! Make sure you get some epsom salts. Life is short- my husband's business partner and friend OD'd on benadryl and ibuprofen and is hanging in the balance on life support as I'm writing. If only he had taken a bath and gotten something wonderful to eat. :(

Sweet Pea Chef said...

That lobster roll makes me hungry for lunch. What a great treat!!

Elbowgrease said...

That lobster roll looks amazing! I had a terrible one this past weeekend, making me long even more for a good version. Thanks for the weight loss buddy system idea, I'll have to try it!