Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm A Saucy Kinda Gal

I was so thrilled today to see that I am being recognized as today's featured chef over at Saucy Eats sponsored by the Secret is in the Sauce. Both are truly delicious sites which encourage bloggy love & culinary delights. I have had quite a few visitors today so it's been a real pleasure. I promise that if you visit me I will be right there at your bloggy doorstep with a hot dip and chips in hand. And a nice tall Mexican Mojito to boot!

Enjoy & come on back now, ya hear!


Tam said...

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so doing the Georgia Happy Dance for YOU!!

Beth G. said...

So glad I found your blog-what fun!! (and that grilled banana recipe below looks yummy!!)

Jaime said...

I saw your link through the Secret is in the Sauce. The cheesecake tart recipe sounds delish. Can't wait to try it out.

Karen said...

Here from SITS ... your recipes sound really good. I'm off to check out the rest.

Congrats on being the featured Chef :-)