Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Mondays & Grilled Bananas

Usually Mondays are anything but, because, well, that means the weekend is over. But I thought I would turn over a new leaf and try to feel as good on this Monday morning as if it was a Friday afternoon at 5pm. The weekend was beautiful, spending lots of time with family. We traded in a visit to the seafood market for a nice dinner at the Thai restaurant with my parents on Saturday. They loved it!!!! I took the camera to take pictures but then was too busy chowing down to actually take any. And the Farmers Market on an early Saturday morning with my little guy started the day off just right. Here are some more cute pics of our town. Click for larger, better view.

This is the heritage museum with an old train parked in front.

The fountain where bands play on certain Fridays.

One of my favorite wine & coffee bars I wish I owned!

Sunday was a great day started by brunch at Chef's Table with one of my best friend's Tammy. It deserves a post all its own but because I forgot my camera, words alone can not do it justice. Everything was amazing though, from the Smoked Salmon Frittata to the Artichokes, Creamed Spinach & Poached Eggs to the mimosas. This new restaurant, with only 9 tables in a very quaint setting at the bottom of an old historic hotel, is doing well so far. I look to go back for dinner sometime.

Sunday continued with us hosting a simple afternoon to Terry's parents. This meant fat free hot dogs on the grill with some fixins, and an easy to put together pasta salad on the side. I also threw some peaches on the grill just as a simple side and they went over very well. For dessert and on a whim, I decided to grill some bananas. I was inspired by a dessert by Bobby Flay on All Star Grill Fest. It is amazing to me how just 3 minutes on the grill brings out such a sweetness you can never imagine. And it's quite healthy with some fat free cool whip we always keep in the freezer. Perfect for adults and kids!!!!!! THIS is a must try. A tiny effort that will make you say WOW.


Slice the bananas lengthwise, leaving peel on just as in the picture. Brush a little vegetable oil on the bananas. Grill banana side down for 2 minutes to get some nice grill marks. Turn them over & grilled them one more minute. Carefully take off peel and place flat side up on a nice plate. Dollop some fresh cool whip on top. Last night I drizzled some hot fudge sauce I was lucky to have in the house but I really preferred it without. Next week we'll be trying Bobby's dessert just as he did it. I wish I could have gotten an after picture but again, I was too busy chowing down. I must stop that. Next week!!!!


Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

I love this idea! I'm not a sweet eater for the most part but this sounds very good. I am a food network junkie. I talk to Life Love and Lola about people on the food network as if they are close family friends!(My husband teases me and says- honey you don't REALLY know Pat and Gina Neely!) We always laugh when I have to explain to her who I am talking about.I have some really great recipes I'd love to share with you. My latest concentration has been non tomato(is that how you spell it- it doesn't look right ) salsas. I also make my own version of Paula Deen's pineapple casserole at holiday time and for years I've considered doing something else and the minute I say that, the whining from my family begins!Gotta go -Emeril's on!

Life, Love & Lola said...

All I can say is YUM! I shouldn't have read this post on an empty stomach!

Sweet Pea Chef said...

So ironic...I have a banana pop post for tomorrow. But I love the idea of grilling them. Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

I want those grilled bananas. Now!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am definitely going to try the grilled bananas.

Tam said...

I am so so going to try these grilled bananas!!!

Jen said...

Your blog is great! I love all the recipes, I will be checking back. You have so many good ideas that I can't wait to try. I am only sorry that I went to the store yesterday and found you today. OH well, there is always next week.
BTW, I am here from saucy chef.

Bobbi said...

Congrats on being the SITS "Reciper" of the day! Nice blog!