Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Update, Italian Feast

On Sunday I made an Italian meal for my & Terry's parents. So, the weekend was built around that, what with all the cooking & cleaning. I was proud of myself though because in the midst of all we had to do, the 3 of us spent beautiful quality time together in the pool, with mojitos in hand.

We have Sunday family dinners often, mostly in the winter, but what specifically prompted this one was the challenge Terry posed to me to make my very own meat sauce for spaghetti. This is not something I had ever done before because I am not a huge red sauce kinda gal & opt for the white sauces or garlic/olive oil types. So, after a week of research - exploring why some use tomato paste & red wine, maybe beef but not pork, & simmer for hours upon hours while some don't, I came up with my very own sauce. It was a hit. Needless to say, it made me so happy that my husband along with everyone else loved it. So, into my book of favorite recipes it will go. That recipe, I will post tomorrow to give me some time to put together my notes.

I also made a baked fettucine with asparagus, lemon, pine nuts and mascarpone and for dessert I made the Grilled Bananas but this time served it with a Creme Fraiche I made from scratch. I will post the recipes for both the fettucine and creme fraiche later.

Here are some pictures. Click for more detail:

The table set before dinner. I love these pasta bowls Terry bought for me from the Harry & David store.

The sink after dinner.

The dog I love but never talk about - Tucker freshly groomed

My little superhero


Life On The Tail Of A Comet said...

I'm not really a red sauce kind of girl either.In fact, I've gotten to be a red sauce snob of sorts. I can't bring myself to buy jarred sauces any more. I like to start mine when I do have it with a can of good crushed tomatoes. I always add a pinch of cinnamon- not enough to make it taste like cinnamon but just enough to cut the acidity and make you wonder what is that? I can't wait to see your recipe and find out what pasta you used. I just watched a Molto Mario this morning about pasta- you would have liked it. On Saturday. Ellie Kreiger made a version of breaded zuccini but she cut it in little medallions and baked it instead of frying it. I have the same cobalt "custard cups"! I use them for everything- prep, serving, salt and they are the perfect serving size for me- the real me not the big fat chick deep inside that's screaming to get out!

Life, Love & Lola said...


Love those pasta bowls! And what a cute pup you have.

Ronnica said...

This is the recipe my roommate was trying to make when she caught the apartment on fire. (though she didn't get it here, so no worries
) Oh, the memories!