Monday, June 30, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Downtown Winter Garden

This is our town. We LOVE our town. Only recently has Tristan decided he would share it with us and stop saying "MY town, MY clock." We take great pride in it as we have watched it grow and develop over the past 5 years. But it hasn't developed too much where it has lost it's small town feel. It's still so quaint and unpretentious with cobble stone streets, a wine & coffee bar, a bike trail running through it, and just a few high end boutique/restaurants to balance out the lawn mower place and historic museum. The clock tower has been standing for almost a century (I will have to confirm but that sounds good for now) and sits next to a fountain where a band plays every Friday and children eat their ice cream from the new French bakery. How proud I am to live in a town, where if I was visiting & drove by, I would exclaim " gosh, I wish I could live there." And to add on to my excitement, they just started a farmers market every Saturday morning.

And what a wonderful weekend! Wonderful enough to lift me away from that downward spiral. Lots of quality time, just the 3 of us.

Terry & I enjoyed a couple mojitos poolside, which I am able to whip up so quickly now and to perfection. It still feels like such an accomplishment every time I make one, since we worked so hard to make it right. We also enjoyed a quick trip to a newly discovered seafood market where Terry got a delicious shrimp salad sandwich which is served on a toasted New England style hot dog roll.

So fresh and so yummy, it makes my mouth water. Places like this are my favorite because you just don't see neighborhood seafood markets much anymore. I enjoyed a crab cake sandwich with a remoulade sauce which was 2nd to the shrimp. I also made another little discovery in a nearby town, just by going a different route to a familiar place. It's a little creamery and coffeehouse in a cute residential neighborhood. I stopped by with Tristan to sample their goods before bringing a close friend or hubby back with me. Unexpected discoveries like this put me in such a "life is good" mood.

Church on Sunday was inspirational & fun given our conversation as we walked the huge parking lot. I was explaining to Tristan why it was important for us to go.

Me: We don't expect for you to understand everything they're saying but it makes mommy & daddy feel really good, and it makes us better parents.

Tristan: It makes me tired. Daddy, how does it make you feel?

Later in church, the assistant pastor who we hardly hear from was speaking. Tristan reaches over to me and says "I think he's a new passenger Momma."

After church and for lunch, we did go to OUR town to a new Thai restaurant which opened a few weeks ago, My Thai Blossom. What a great name. We had been once before and this time was even more delicious. Just another reason to love OUR town.

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